About Trip and Peggy’s Cajun Seasoning

A Louisiana family’s secret recipe, developed and first used in the family’s kitchen and given to friends and family as gifts, Trip and Peggy’s can replace many traditional seasonings in your spice rack. Use it on your table instead of salt and pepper, when preparing, cooking, smoking, or grilling meat, poultry, fish, vegetables, salad, eggs, grits, add it to Bloody Marys and party snacks. For frying or baking, just add a generous amount of Trip and Peggy’s to breadcrumbs, flour, or cornmeal. Trip and Peggy’s works wonders on everything with the possible exceptions of ice cream and cold cereal.

Recommend Trip & Peggy’s to your favorite restaurant or grocery store! Refer them to info@tripandpeggys.com and we’ll be glad to add them to our growing retailer lineup.

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Trip and Peggy's Cajun Seasoning Jar