Pasture-raised chicken farm owner

Grilled a filleted chicken breast with Trip and Peggy’s and it was easily the best chicken I have ever had!


We are going to have to buy Trip and Peggy’s by the truckload!  E is obsessed!  He even put it on his chocolate cupcake!


Rolled a 1 pound whole skin-on piece of salmon in hot butter and baked in same dish for 20 minutes at 425. Having heard rave reviews about Trip and Peggy’s Seasoning, I sprinkled a bit (not too much as this is a seasoning salt) over the salmon for its 5” rest. Meanwhile I fixed a homemade slaw of cabbage, cucumber, green pepper and mayonnaise. Served it all on the same plate with a bit of the cooking butter poured over the fish and WOW!  Next morning my first thought on awakening was “Supper was great!” I wouldn’t describe Trip and Peggy’s as strictly Cajun – all around strictly good would be more apt!


Many years ago shortly after Trip and Peggy’s was first introduced, I would travel around the country with the seasoning in a medicine jar so I wouldn’t be without it.


T&P’s at the family dinner table. Great on tuna casserole.


I’m a mother of four and find mealtimes to be a bit crazy. I love to cook, but any shortcut I can find I grab onto. By reaching for Trip and Peggy‘s, I cut out five extra steps of measuring different seasonings to create the perfect flavor. I can do it all with just a few shakes of Trip and Peggy’s. It has been a quick and easy timesaver. Not to mention, because the flavors are so equally balanced, everything turns out tasting perfect!


Before I was introduced to Trip and Peggy’s, I did not realize what the Cajun world was all about.  It’s changed the way our house cooks…for the better!


Never do French fries without Trip and Peggy’s!  You gotta do this!