About Our Seasoning

About a Louisiana Family’s Secret Recipe

Trip and Peggy’s was developed and first used in our kitchen and given to friends and family as gifts. It can replace most traditional seasonings in your spice rack. Keep it on your table instead of salt and pepper and use it when preparing, cooking, baking, grilling, or smoking beef, pork, poultry, fish, shellfish, soups, kinds of pasta, vegetables, salads, fruits, eggs, and grits. Add to dips, party snacks, Chex Mix, popcorn, bloody Marys, and when baking chocolate chips cookies, and cornbread. Trip and Peggy’s adds amazing flavor to everything!

In response to the growing demand for our seasoning, we began having it commercially blended and bottled in late 2019 and it is now in kitchens and on tables throughout the United States and in several foreign countries! We are proud of the fact that we are in several local specialty markets and outdoors retailers and welcome new retail partners!